• Shandong Dongying customer purchases a batch of Wuhan ultra-high voltage equipment

        March is a season full of vitality and vitality, full of spring and the revival of all things. In this beautiful season, colleagues from the sales department have once again achieved impressive results, successfully signing the procurement project of Dongying Electric Power Engineering Company.

        In early March, the customer Mr. Xu took the initiative to contact Manager Cui of Wuhan UHV and expressed his willingness to purchase a batch of high-voltage testing equipment. Manager Cui attached great importance to this and immediately responded by providing detailed product information and quotation to General Manager Xu. Considering the professionalism and complexity of the equipment, Manager Cui decided to take personal action and rushed to Dongying, Shandong the next day to communicate face-to-face with Mr. Xu about product selection and requirements.

        On the day of the meeting, Mr. Xu warmly received Manager Cui. They first had a detailed discussion on the performance, specifications, parameters, and other aspects of the high-voltage testing equipment. Manager Cui patiently answered Mr. Xu's various questions with rich industry experience and professional knowledge, and demonstrated the operation process and functional effects of the equipment to him. Through in-depth communication and understanding, Cui Jingli has found that Mr. Xu has high requirements for the accuracy, stability, durability, and other aspects of the equipment. So, he specifically recommended a series of device models that were suitable for Mr. Xu's needs.


        In the following days, Manager Cui and General Manager Xu had in-depth discussions and negotiations on the procurement quantity, delivery time, payment methods, and other issues of equipment. They not only clarified the contract terms, but also reached a consensus on after-sales service, technical support, and other aspects. After several days of joint efforts, both parties finally reached a procurement agreement. This equipment includes UHV-10A DC resistance tester, UHV-330 fully automatic transformer ratio group tester, ZGF series DC high voltage generator, UHV-702 microcomputer relay protection tester, UHV-103 transformer volt ampere ratio polarity comprehensive tester, UHV-H100A circuit resistance tester, high-voltage series power frequency withstand voltage test device, UHV-280 insulation shoe (glove) withstand voltage test device (automatic), etc.

        This cooperation process not only reflects the professionalism and efficiency of the sales department, but also demonstrates the respect and attention of Wuhan UHV to customers. Manager Cui's proactive service, professional knowledge, and efficient communication have won the trust and praise of customers. All of this stems from our love for work and respect for customers. We deeply understand that every customer is a part of our business, and we are committed to providing the highest quality service and products.

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