• During after-sales service! Wuhan UHV provides product technical training for Lanzhou customers

        Recently, after-sales technical personnel from Wuhan UHV Company went to Lanzhou to provide product technical training for customers. The customer purchased a set of UHV-135kVA/108kV series resonance withstand voltage test equipment. After the after-sales personnel of Wuhan ultra-high voltage company arrived in Lanzhou, they arrived at the customer company in Yinchuan the next morning for theoretical knowledge training and on-site air lift test guidance.

        The UHV-135kVA/108kV series resonance scheme adopts the method of adjusting the power supply frequency to achieve resonance between the reactor and the tested capacitor, thereby obtaining high voltage and large current on the tested object. Due to its small power supply required, light equipment weight and small volume, it has been widely praised and applied at home and abroad, and is a new method and trend in high-voltage testing.

        Wuhan ultra-high voltage technical personnel went to the client's company. In the morning, they provided theoretical knowledge training to all staff in the office, mainly including the basic principle of series resonance and how to choose the connection method of reactors when facing different test objects.

        After ensuring that the customer can independently complete the calculations, the tested object in the afternoon was the insulator. We conducted wiring explanations and instrument boost tests indoors. Although tested indoors, due to the client's involvement in the power industry, having a good grounding wire in the warehouse is a very important consideration for high-voltage testing. After all the wiring was completed, the aircraft was successfully lifted and the customer personally operated the testing instrument.

        In the explanation provided by the after-sales technical personnel of Wuhan ultra-high voltage, the customer was quickly able to independently use the equipment for testing. Wuhan Ultra High Voltage provides after-sales technical support. No matter when you purchase Wuhan Ultra High Voltage instruments, Wuhan Ultra High Voltage will provide you with professional consulting services. We will reply to your letter or phone call as soon as possible to help you solve any problems!

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