• Xinjiang clients visiting Wuhan UHV from afar

        Recently, Wuhan UHV welcomed a delegation from Xinjiang Electric Power Engineering Director Qin who came from afar to visit. After receiving a call from the customer, Manager Yuan of Wuhan UHV quickly responded and received the customer together with department leader Manager He.

        After the customer's visit, they purchased a series of equipment including a frequency conversion series resonance withstand voltage test device, an  intelligent DC high-voltage generator, a high-voltage switch dynamic characteristic tester, a microcomputer relay protection tester, and a DC resistance rapid tester.

        This visit of Xinjiang Electric Power Engineering Company was recommended by another old customer in Xinjiang. In addition, President Qin said that there was a Tiktok number that paid attention to Wuhan UHV. He often saw the videos released by Wuhan UHV on it. The explanations were professional, the videos were taken well, and he had a very good impression of Wuhan UHV.

        Due to its geographical location, Xinjiang has formed certain barriers with the mainland in terms of geographical distance, which has also led to procurement difficulties for practitioners in the power industry in the Xinjiang region. Firstly, it is whether the manufacturers are reliable, whether the products are qualified, whether the staff are professional, and secondly, it is the guarantee of long-distance transportation. How to solve the after-sales problems in the later stage of procurement, and a series of problems caused by distance are all their concerns.

        Manager He also fully understood Mr. Qin's concerns and did not provide much explanation. He directly led Mr. Qin on a visit to Wuhan ultra-high voltage, covering the high-voltage withstand voltage production process on the first floor, the production workshop, and the product exhibition hall on the second floor, covering the testing equipment needed by the entire power industry, visiting the quality inspection and R&D departments on the third floor, and then the office environment on the fourth floor. During the visits and introductions led by Manager He and Manager Yuan, Mr. Qin gradually established trust and recognition in Wuhan UHV. Finally, I opened my heart to Wuhan UHV and expressed my demands to Manager He. I also provided a response to the ongoing cooperation and immediately inquired about the performance, applicable scenarios, and approximate quotations of a large number of required equipment.

        Mr. Qin's visit has deepened his trust in Wuhan UHV and his determination to cooperate in the future. Finally, he expressed his desire for in-depth exchanges and further establishment of cooperative relationships.

        No matter how the market changes, products change, or the environment is harsh, as an enterprise, we must always prioritize production and product quality. As practitioners, we must always prioritize professionalism and the concept of customer first!

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