• Good news again! China Inspection Group and Wuhan Ultra High Voltage Successfully Achieved Cooperation

        In December, Manager Xu from Zhongjian Group Gongxin Security Technology Co., Ltd. contacted Wuhan UHV and requested to purchase a set of pressure resistant equipment for tools - UHV-280 insulated boots (gloves) pressure resistant testing device (automatic). Prior to this, Manager Xu had already contacted manufacturers in Wuhan and other regions for consultation. Upon receiving a consultation call from Manager Xu, Manager Li, the regional manager of Wuhan ultra-high voltage, quickly responded.


        Manager Li provides selection quotations, organizes product information, manufacturer qualifications, and references performance contracts based on customer requirements, and makes every effort to prepare the most comprehensive information. Manager Li understood that the customer has high requirements for the performance and quality of the equipment, so he detailed the various functions and characteristics of the UHV-280 insulated shoe (glove) withstand voltage test device, including automatic control, high-voltage output, data recording, etc. At the same time, Manager Li also provided equipment certificates and information to meet the customer's requirements for ISO standards.

        After verifying the technical issues, the customer requested approval from their superiors and asked if they could provide instructions, videos, and calibration certificates. Subsequently, Manager Li answered the customer's questions one by one to ensure that they had a comprehensive understanding of the equipment.


        After a week of waiting, the customer finally received a message asking if they could negotiate the price again. Manager Li had detailed communication with the client over and over again, and after multiple negotiations, finally came up with a price clause that satisfied both parties. After several days of consideration and determination, the order was finalized and both parties successfully signed the procurement contract.

        Now, this order has been successfully concluded, marking a new level of cooperation for Wuhan UHV. With the joint efforts of all personnel in the marketing department, an excellent answer sheet was submitted this month. Here, we would like to thank everyone for their efforts, the company's platform, and the support of our customers!

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